Rowan Aero Modelers Society

If it flies...we like it!

New To Flying?

We all learned to fly the old fashioned way—with an instructor and a few friends…...and a Buddy Box helps, too!  A Buddy Box lets a beginner hold a controller and fly with an instructor and the instructor can take control of the plane at any time.

If you’re new to flying, we will be happy to help you learn to fly.  We even have a few trainer-airplanes for teaching.


Be sure to go to our Links page and visit the Sport Aviator page.  The AMA maintains this page specifically for learning about r/c planes.

A beginner flying with an instructor.  Notice they each hold a controller that is connected via a cable.

Above:  Our beginner practices a landing with the help of his instructor.

Left:  A flying tradition!  Upon his first takeoff-to-landing solo flight, our beginner has his shirt tail cut off by his instructor!

If you, or someone you know, would like to learn to fly, PLEASE feel free to contact us!


We have quite a few members who would love to assist you in learning how to fly,  AND, once you learn how to fly, you will want to become a member so you can fly anytime!