Text Box: That’s RIGHT!  A whole week of flying!  Some changes from last year are being continued this year.  EVERYONE will be required to wear wristbands.  A different color wristband will be issued for each day.  If you are wearing the wrong colored wristband or not wearing a wristband, you will be asked to show your AMA Card and required to purchase another wristband or leave the premises.  The Bathhouse is completed and near the camping area, so it is accessible to everyone.  Bring your camper and go camping!  There will be vendors at the week long event.  Be sure to visit “Vendor Row” and see what there is to offer.

If your heart so desires, you can even rent a golf cart while you are there.  
The web-site for the golf carts is: http://www.golfcartservice.net/index-6.html
Joe Nall is at Triple Tree, and the address is: 
330 Mary Hanna Road in Woodruff, SC 29388

Their website is: http://www.joenall.com/

If you have facebook, you can “Friend” Joe Nall on facebook.

Every year, we usually have a group of people that end up meeting down there. So, bring your plane and your camper, and meet us down there!  

If you don’t have a camper and need lodging close to Joe Nall:
Rowan Aero Modelers Society

If it flies...we like it!


We are glad you stopped by our website!

We are a club that enjoys flying radio controlled aircraft of all shapes and sizes:

· Planes

· Helicopters

· Gliders

· Gas or electric

· Big or small

· If it flies, we like it!

· If it doesn’t fly, we’ll fix it so it can fly!


We are a chartered AMA club and we've been doing this since 1968—one of the first clubs in North Carolina. Take a few minutes to enjoy our web-site and feel welcome to contact us to get more information or arrange for a visit to our field. 


Get in touch with us for help getting started, too!  We love helping new
members, or people who have been flying get refreshers.  Come and
join in the fun!  You will not regret a moment of the flying fun.

How to Contact us:



                 Mike Bost






          Tommy Goodman




Flying over the lake

PlanesEverywhereLined up
to FLY

The dates for the 2011 Joe Nall are: May 7th - May 14th!

The Gates will open Friday May 6th at 5:00pm. 
Flight Line tents may be setup at that time also.
(Flying starts after dark)